Monday, May 7, 2012

Growing & collecting

Lucy's nursery is slowly transforming to a little toddler room!  The moses basket and rocker went up to the attic and the old rocking horse came down.

The crib side was removed and an inviting toddler daybed was created. Our collection of blankets; handmade yellow elephant duvet, pink antique silk w/ yellow embroidery blanket, lace cover, beaded scarf & gifted blankets, growing, creating a cozy and welcoming napping nook. (If the duvet looks a little small for the bed, it is, the antique white quilt that it lays on was in the laundry!)

Letters were finally added to the wall and decorated with pompoms.

Her shoe collection, growing; her preferences, growing.

Music boxes from European markets Amsterdam, Budapest & Geneva, and a locally made dog house decorate her floating shelves.

She still likes to lay down on the changing table! No fuss at all, so the pine storage unit remains in her room. Once she graduates out of diapers - which is any time soon, as in a few months - we will move the pine cabinet down to the porch for storing board games and puzzles and replace it with her table for tea parties or a book case and dollhouse.

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