Friday, May 13, 2011

Looking after self

 It is about time I start looking after me; I have realized this for the past months. Sometimes it takes a while to get into action. Today was the day.

For mind & soul, ligaments & bones: some good ole gentle yoga.  I am no good at doing this first thing in the morning at my home or last thing at night or anytime at home. I need a studio and yogi to lead me.  So 15 months after my last appearance at the studio, I pack up my bag and mat, which had been sitting behind my work desk for the entire time and head out to lunch time yoga. I was a little (a lot) stiff and not so bendy; it brought back fond memories of when I was 9 months pregnant, laying on my mat, breathing in lavender and barely able to get back up. But I was much more flexible back then w/ 2 years of disciplined, as in I went every week, yoga. And the breathing and focus practice; thank goodness for that, as it was all the yoga breathing that helped me through my un-medicated labor and delivery. Seriously. My first birth, un-medicated as well, but a lot less smooth. I was hyperventilating, got really dizzy, "mom I'm gonna faint" mid pushing. Thankfully sergeant nurse brought me back to the task at hand.  Afterwards, when it was my turn to shower, I did faint, flat on the floor. Ah, but I digress. Back to taking care of self, My lovely yoga studio is painted peacock blue (the inspiration for the room in my home that is now painted peacock blue) and lavender wafts through the air and right down my sinus, deep in to my belly. I got in there today for some gentle yoga, sweating and chanting. And a cup of spicy! artichoke soup from the vegan shop below the studio, aftewards. Now I am restored for the weekend and and ready to go weekly. Thank-you me for going.

For the sweet tooth: Good grief I cannot get this caramel out of my mind. I contacted the etsy maker and decided that I am worth it and getting a 3 mth membership. Thank you Brideblue. Seriously. We all need to treat ourselves.

For fun and self-esteem: Planning a mini road trip to White Mountains in N.H. for a trek up Mt. Washington. Researching campgrounds, preparing to go with my kids regardless of whether my brother & his girlfriend make it. Having their company would be great, but I don't want to be disappointed if they are a no show (he needs a passport, she will be 7mths pregnant - although its the passport that will be the stopper). Its a 4.1 mile hike up and the highest mountain in the northeast. Weather is known to be unpredictable. A bit of bouldering at the top. I did this 20 years ago. I was much  younger, much better shape (spent summers tree planting) but really, really hungover and unprepared and not a climber. Too many tequila shots the night before with the misguided friend. No water bottle. I am much wiser now, but out of shape. And a baby on back? Is it possible? Why not!

For the work relationship: Hired another babysitter for Fridays. Which allows me three concentrated days at work now, and two un-concentrated days w/ baby.  Bittersweet.

What do you do just for the goodness of self?

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