Saturday, March 26, 2011

In anticipation of my room makeover

Before shots.

Old & new: The standing mirror was recently purchased @ Marshalls, bargain price. LOVE it.  The small one on the table was bought 10 years ago in an home store in Halifax, N.S. The table is an antique desk from my mom's home. Green reading light from Target, kind of useless over there by the mirror. The clock was bought in San Francisco, hmmmm perhaps 20 years ago. I really want to get back there!

My bed was recently moved against the windows, which inspired me to get the new, bigger bed. This is the longest wall in the room and I was able to determine that the KING would fit perfectly (enough). The double will become the guest bed for the time being.  Yellow carpet (LOVE), a new purchase from Marshalls ("C" - Company rug).  I needed a burst of sunshine in here.  Pendant light, an Ikea purchase from long ago.  Pottery Barn rustic farm dresser. Roomy enough for all my clothes. TV was temporarily moved to my room as I keep falling asleep at 9! And I wanted to watch some T.V.

View from absent wall - old linen pottery barn curtains (from a few homes ago - I had started to sew the ties together, but tired of that), hung on a red bamboo rod (bamboo rods bought to hang a curtain on, to separate my room from Chazes room re: absent wall). Old blue square wool rug, bought in Ankara, Turkey, although it was made in India and is an Indian design. The hanging beaded lantern, an Anthropologie purchase 5+ yrs ago. Hung there because a hook existed in the ceiling. Not even plugged in. The shelves on the wall, blah. But they hold my photos for now. The wall opposite the bed is being considered for this gallery type photo wall. Small childrens' bench at end of bed should be replaced by a bigger storage bench. I had found the perfect one @ Marshalls, but didn't realize it was so perfect until it was gone.

The door in the middle of the wall, that opens to my "walk-in" closet... very narrow but long and well lit closet.

Challenge - no ceiling light. The light switch turns on the green readig light that is beside the mirror. And there are no outlets on the window wall, besides the "open" one hidden under the antique desk. Gotta get an electrician in here, as well as in my dining room and kitchen.

Challenge II - Excess of mirrors? Not true. The one on the door was meant to come down, but it is stuck very firmly on the door. If I pull hard enough the mirror will break and the bad luck will begin.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your room! I love that mirror that you have on your antique desk!


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