Monday, November 14, 2011


On Saturday we drove 35 minutes south and hungout in a forest. A group of boys, my son included, learned how to use a compass and map; some orienteering skills.

They were led into a forest and had to make their way out. I wandered off for a bit and discovered this pond.

I didn't have a compass and had to quickly catch up to the group. ;)

At home, I managed to accomplish a few house related things. I took a proper measurement of the glassless opening in the french door. I spoke with the glass cutter about bringing in the entire door for him to deal with versus him cutting glass and me taking it home to install myself. Back at home I discovered I couldn't easily loosen the bolts to unhinge the door. I guess I will be installing the glass. 

I'm not a DIY, but while waiting for contract-her and running into dilemmas such as the above has forced me to take on some projects if I want to get anything done. Perhaps my own orienteering lessons.

I also started to pull out the old silicone around the bath tub. Actually, the silicon is not that old, just a year, but mildew was spreading underneath it. This did not come off as easily as I had expected. A few years ago, in my other house, I had to do this and it just tore out. argh. No showers for awhile while I work at scraping it off.

I also planted some garlic. Yay. Something for next fall.

And I ordered 10 pounds of soy wax, scents and dye so we can make some festive candles to gift to teachers, instructors and other people we are grateful to have in our life.


  1. Orienteering is so much fun! I used to take my class orienteering when I taught fourth grade. Geocaching is also a lot of fun, and you don't even have to know how to use a compass.

  2. Most of these kids were 4th graders and they were so into it!


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